Ball Mill Liner Plate
Ball Mill Liner Plate
  • Ball Mill Liner Plate
  • Ball Mill Liner Plate
  • Ball Mill Liner Plate
  • Ball Mill Liner Plate
  • Ball Mill Liner Plate

Ball Mill Liner Plate

  • MOQ: 20 ton
  • Supply Capability: 100,000 ton / year
  • Port: Shanghai Port
  • Delivery: 3-25 days
  • Packaging: Woven bags/Steel drum

Liner plate is used to protect the cylinder and avoid direct impact and friction of the grinding bodies and materials, meanwhile, with different forms, it can be used to adjust the motion status of the grinding body so as to enhance the crushing effect of the grinding medium to the material. It can help improve the grinding efficiency of the mill, increase the production and reduce the metal consumption.

Main Liner Plate Materials:

1 Medium carbon & chromium Ⅰ ZG30Cr5MoRE

2 Medium carbon & chromium Ⅱ ZG40Cr5MoRE

3 Medium carbon low alloy ZG40CrMoNiRE

4 Low carbon high alloy ZG20Cr9NiMo

5 Cr-Ni-Mo alloy steel ZG45Cr3NiMoMn-RE

6 90 chromium alloy steel ZG90Cr6MoMn

7 Ordinary high manganese steel ZGMn13

8 Modified high manganese steel ZGMn13Cr2

9 Super-high manganese steel ZGMn17Cr2

10 Heat-resistant steel ZG20Cr26Ni5

11 HH ZG20Cr26Ni12

12 HK ZG40Cr25Ni20

13 High chromium cast iron KmTBCr15Mo2

14 High chromium cast iron KmTBCr20Mo2

15 High chromium cast iron KmTBCr26

16 High chromium cast steel ZGCr12SiMn - GT

17 High chromium cast steel ZGCr15SiMn – GT

When it is mainly used for crushing, the liner plate should have stronger pushing capacity to the grinding body, together with good shock resistance. High manganese steel ZGMn13 has enough toughness, however, it does not wear well and is easy to deform, thus currently most relevant products have switched to use medium alloy steel or Cr-Mo alloy steel liner plate in double-medium quenching process which, compared with several kinds of wear resistant materials, has the optimal performance and longest service life. Medium carbon low alloy liner plate manufactured by Longsheng Company is high cost-effective as well as prominent properties of wear resistance and toughness etc.

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