Product Introduction
The Standard of High Chrome Steel Balls
DateTime: 2016-06-17

  High chrome steel ball mill is the most important grinding, grinding balls called abroad. Steel Ball is the world's crushing industry at present and in the foreseeable future the first major pieces of wear-resistant materials consumed. In 2010, the domestic industry that is only a beneficiation consumes about 200 tons of various materials steel ball, and the cement industry also consumes 2010 a record 30 million tonnes.

  High chrome steel balls are based on the melting furnace, a metal mold or sand casting way to produce, so the domestic manufacturers of wear-resistant materials are often referred to as high-chromium alloy casting ball. Chromium content ≥10.0%, carbon content between 1.80% -3.20% of the balls are of high chrome ball, high chrome ball national standard hardness (HRC) above must be ≥58 degrees, if the hardness of this high chrome ball you must be heat-treated hardened. At home and abroad have high chrome ball quenching oil, a variety of quench air quenching, a liquid solution, such as detection of hardness (HRC) is below 54 degrees it indicates lack of high chrome ball hardness or simply has not been quenched.

    High chrome steel balls are widely used in metallurgy, mining, cement, power generation, flue gas desulfurization, aerated concrete, magnetic materials, chemicals, coal slurry, pellets, slag, superfine powder, fly ash, calcium carbonate, quartz sand and other industries.